Winter Book, Part of my Senior Thesis Exhibition
representing the Four Seasons.

Acrylic, Graphite, Collage, Colored Pencil,
Watercolor, Silverleaf, Goldleaf,
Ballpoint Pen, Gesso & Ink on Toned Grey Paper.
Hand bound in a Metal sketchbook measuring 6 x 9"


Davidian said...

My favorite.

These are absolutely stunning man. I love them. Definitely one of my favorite things out of all the senior thesis projects (across all majors). Congrats to you. I know it wasn't an easy project to complete. If you got these printed I would buy a copy for sure.

I'm eager to see what's next.

neily-o said...

My favorite page is still the blue one with the christmas tree. You really captured the essence of being cold, and that is powerful in it's self. Love all these pages, but this one definitely speaks to me the most.


Kyle McCullough said...

Thanks guys so much. Im glad you enjoyed my thesis. I really enjoy feedback good or bad on this body of work especially. It was something very personal and experimental. I did not really know how people were going to react to the imagery.


Ryan Yee said...

these are amazing. cool work!!

Anonymous said...

This is really good shit, brotha.